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Your Safety is Our Priority

Intelligence Security Services

Intelligence Security Services are a specialized & leading bouncer’s security providing Agency in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company was established in 2011 with the objective of providing professional Bouncers Security Services to National & International Events, Club, Discos, Lounges, Bars, Star ranking hotels, road shows, corporate events & High profile Individuals like Celebrities as Singer, Actor/Actress and other special persons.

Having Security arrangements in all such places is very crucial and Intelligence Security Services have all solution for such situation. We can provide bouncers in an event & our services can be completely customized as per client’s requirement. Intelligence Security Services is promoted by M Karthik Rao who has more than 8 years of Experience in bouncer’s security services. Company has handled more than 500 public events. It is also a most preferred service provider to more than 50 fixed venues like clubs, bars, 5 star hotels, cinema halls & malls.

Intelligence Security Services are:

  •  Highly experienced & trained to handle all kinds of situations at the venue.
  •  Professional, decent & well behaved.
  •  Our bouncers provide you security
  •  Our bouncers will check the legal age and will ask for an age proof or documentation to check the entrance of minors
  •  Our bouncers refuse entry to your venue based on your criteria
  •  Our bouncers will check fights and arguments
  •  Our bouncers will check the client’s aggressive behavior
  •  Our bouncers will check the entry of weapons and drugs
  •  Our bouncers will constantly monitor the crowd inside your venue

Our Eligibility Requirements:

  •  No alcohol or drugs in preventive clinical analysis
  •  Mental and physical suitability
  •  Have not been convicted for any intentional crimes
  •  At least lower high school diploma
  •  Follow a training course

We provide you trained, educated and certified licensed bouncers for:

  •  Events
  •  Hotels & Restaurants
  •  Pubs
  •  Nightclubs
  •  Discotheques
  •  Concerts
  •  Stadiums
  •  Other Venues

Our Happy Clients

So, if you are the owner/manager of a pub, discos, bar, restaurant, hotel, club etc, then, for your client's protection and for a healthy atmosphere inside your venue makes it mandatory to appoint some trained, experienced and powerful bouncers that will check every malicious activity.

So Hire SNP Security Services today for your all type securities situations.